Helen Grzyb and Associates is a unique consultancy offering sustainable solutions to community and government organisations since 1997.


Helen Grzyb and Associates works with government and not for profit organisations to achieve the best possible value in an environment of change.

We are perfectly positioned to work with you to plan and develop the strategies for contemporary service delivery.

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We develop strategic and business plans for organisations seeking to position themselves optimally in the future.

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With recognised expertise in stakeholder engagement throughout WA, we also provide engagement reviews to identify improvements in this key organisational process.

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We work with boards to optimise policies for the future, identify board skills and capacity requirements, manage risk, build sustainable plans and organisations.

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As executive coach, Helen has a very effective approach in gaining people's trust, teasing out barriers to adoption of change and new approaches, and is experienced in coaching people in government or not for profit organisations.

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We can conduct independent reviews and evaluations of policies/programs.


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