Workshop Feedback

Comments from participants include:

  • “Thank you Helen, I found this morning informative, applicable and enjoyable. Incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, listening to our feedback.”
  • “Helen made a great effort to adapt / modify learning methods to the group.”
  • “Good working knowledge of topic. Well-targeted assessments (exercises).”
  • “Sessions really deepened understanding by adding layers of complexity to simple concepts.”
  • “Very well planned. Organised but appropriately flexible”
  • “Extremely well-organised, interesting and motivated. Well prepared.”
  • “Good use of articles and case studies and I loved the agendas she used for each session – EXCELLENT!”
  • “Highly interactive, well paced style.”
  • “Very good facilitator, with great activities and guests..”
  • “If there was an indication of a level above ‘outstanding’ Helen is well on the way.”