Helen Grzyb and Associates is a unique consultancy offering both individual and organisational services. Our services are built on our substantial knowledge about communities and government.


Helen Grzyb and Associates works with government and private sector organisations to achieve the maximum value possible from managing in an environment of change.

We are perfectly positioned to help your organisation develop and implement the strategies required to operate more effectively as customers and stakeholders become more demanding of results. We have expertise in undertaking:

  1. program reviews
  2. policy/planning projects
  3. social and economic studies
  4. evaluations

Strategic plans

Helen Grzyb and Associates promotes excellence through the application of effective internal and external plans and policies in an increasingly competitive environment.

We develop strategic and business plans for not for profit organisations seeking to better position themselves for the future. As well as marketing and communication plans, we review organisational Constitutions so that not for profit organisations retain currency in a changing environment.

Dr Helen Grzyb has substantial expertise as a professional presenter and is able to chunk down complex concepts into bite sized chunks, an important factor in sharing new information for serious consideration by stakeholders.

Executive coaching

As executive coach, Helen has a very effective approach in gaining people’s trust, teasing out barriers to adoption of change and new approaches, and is experienced in coaching for individuals in both government and not for profit organisations.